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Kale is one of nature's powerhouses of nutrition.  Maybe you are fortunate to have children and family members who will eat kale and other dark greens with gusto.  Maybe they will eat it one day but bypass leftovers the next day.  Or perhaps they won't eat them at all.  Pity if this is the case, as they are one of nature's treasures!  Here's a recipe almost any will eat - for breakfast!  Even on the way out the door.  Kale Burgers!

Here's another fabulous treat for Valentine's day - Delightful Trifle from one of Tupperware's recipe books.  It's full of healthy fruit, too, and very easy to put together, for family or guests.

Like many people, I have both an aversion and an allergy to many artificial scents.  This includes most sprays, candles, incense, wicks and aromatherapy oils. For centuries, people used natural aromatherapy without calling it that.  You can too.  Here's some natural suggestions for when and how to use this spirit-healing aid:  Aromatherapy!

When my late husband and the children were home, I made this treat every Valentine's Day.  If I had failed to produce it, I think they might have locked me into the kitchen until I did. This exceptionally delicious cheesecake treat isn't overly sweet, is high in nutrition - calcium, antioxidants, vitamins - and low in fat.  You can further reduce the sugar content with a couple of changes, if that's a priority for you.  Try our Cherry-Berry Low Fat Fake Cheesecake.  I used to make it February 14th in a heart-shaped mould.

I was very touched by an article in the Miami Herald, reprinted from the Baltimore Sun, by Erin Heilman;  "I, Millennial".  It's worth reading.  I was immediately transported years back when we had some of the same yearnings, listening to John Lennon's "Imagine".

Here's another cherry treat for Valentines Day; Cherry Trifle.


As we head into what promises to be a "down and dirty" election, remember this Scot author's acerbic comment:   "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than illumination."  -- Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

Would you like to purchase your household and personal care items at discounted wholesale prices?  Or perhaps you are looking for an extra source of income, or something you can build on to supplement your retirement benefits.  Fuller Brush and Stanley Home products can provide these and more.  You can register for free (or buy a business kit), get a free web page and free monthly catalogs.  No obligations; it's all good!  Click here for more information, or to join the family.

Chilled?  Worn out from wading through, driving in or shoveling snow?  We have the cure: this delicious, warming and nutritious potato soup!   Several times when we were young, broke, and expecting company for dinner, I fixed a big pot of this soup.  With homemade bread, or a French baguette or Cuban bread, a big boiled Georgia style sausage and maybe sliced or wedged cheddar cheese, the meal never failed to cause raves and compliments.  Great on a cold and rainy or windy evening, perhaps with a salad, it's quick and easy to prepare.

Sent by Fuller Brush Division Director Joanne Rice:   "Click on the first picture when it appears, and then it will automatically continue from there.  This is one of the most beautiful & powerful e-mails I have received lately . I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It speaks the TRUTH." 

What are your REAL chances of dying or being injured in a terrorist attack?  Take this quiz and judge for yourself.

Is there anyone that doesn't love sweets?  They are so good, but most are not good for the body.     Here's one with a difference. Healthier Chocolate Pudding; yum!

Here is a touching poem Charlie Chaplin wrote when he was 79 years old, which makes a good New Year's resolution too.

Puerto Ricans make a traditional drink at Christmas that's somewhat like eggnog but better.  It's seriously habit-forming - not because of the alcohol but because of the flavor.  So here's a non-alcoholic compromise, and you can make it in minutes. Coquito Pudding!

As a side dish for your Christmas feast, try Corn Pudding.  It's creamy, tasty and habit forming.

De-stressing the Holidays...? The Best Decoration is a Shining Clean Home!

Indigestion?  Or just want to prevent it over the holidays (and every day!)  Here's some smart info by an expert.

It's early for Christmas, but listen to this like you've never heard it before:  Hallelujah!

Parents who have a child with autism, or Down's Syndrome, should view this video for a useful therapy and possible solution, and follow up for more information. Sent  by Fuller Brush Divisional Director Joanne Rice.

Remember the  novel Brave New World?  Are we there yet?   Will we too either perish as a race, or eventually have to learn to live in that brave new world?

One of the more nutritious foods we can eat is kale.  Read about it's amazing benefits and try Pasta with Kale Pesto.

As we remember that unthinkable day -  9/11, watch this moving tribute put out by Budweiser and aired only once.

.Have you heard about the religious dog?

What is Magnifico?  Take a look; it's new, and great! 

Virtually every part of fresh beets can be eaten. They are high in nutrition and flavor, especially Pickled Beet Stems.

Not everyone wants to crunch on raw carrots.  Try them in Salads and Sandwiches!

Save Cash and Make a Healthy Choice while quenching your thirst during these hot summer months.

Eat It All Up! This saying, or the one "Waste Not, Want Not". both are brought up more strongly during wars, famines and economic depressions.

Read all about Black Beans; some delicious recipe ideas and their surprising nutritional content.

Je Suis Charlie?  Who is Charlie, really?

Tea, green, black or any other kind, is a healthful drink; many people claim the same about coffee.  But if you want a REALLY healthy nutritious drink or two, try this unusual recipe for Golden Tea that brims with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and who know what else that will do you good.  It's pretty nice tasting, too, and beautiful

Do you remember your first love?  Not just a childhood crush, but an all consuming passion.  Maybe it lasted;  probably it didn't.  Remember?   Young Love

Is addiction always an evil thing?  Maybe not when it's an addiction to these lovely, easy and quick to make little breads, crispy, puffy and chewy.   At first glance Pan de Bono might seem to be lacking in nutrition but the base, yuca or tapioca flour, is much more nutritious than it might seem at first glance.

The coming year may be a difficult and contentious one. Have courage: in the words of George Washington; "The thing that sets the American Christian apart from all other people in the world; is he will die on on his feet rather than live on his knees!" From Fuller Brush Divisional Director David Froshaug:  What do you really know about our national anthem?  See this inspirational reminder of what our soldiers did so that we can live in a free country.

Here's a holiday treat: Cherry-Berry Low Fat Fake Cheesecake

Where does everyone go first thing in the morning and last thing at night?  And a few times in between,  too.   Answer:  one of the germiest place in the house!

Little did I imagine I was putting my home and my family into such danger.  Please see the following video and be forewarned!  Unexpected Fire Hazard in Your Home

Read about what it was like for veterans of WWII. D-DAY Firsthand by Hilda Graham

Veterans aren't a new thing in America, but across the ages since our country was formed; To The American Troops Before The Battle of Long Island given by George Washington.

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